Sunday, April 14, 2013

sun, surf, and sleet

Sunday sun, surf, and sleet. The sun sent out a ray after hiding for a dreary week.  I headed for the coast.

Found a park I like, on a point in the bay. Low tide. I walked on the sandy beach, looked long at the mud flats, and decided to let my shoes get muddy. Old shoes.

The mud was covered with yellow seaweed.   Random holes, like Mexican cenotes, dropped down exposing layers of mud and clay, rims adorned with bumpy yellow tendrils of seaweed. Flat bottoms displayed driftwood and broken shells.

More shells in cracks of rocks, where seagulls fed. 

The rocks were multi-colored: gray, yellow, orange, and pink with stripy lines of  milky quartz. 

I walked on the seaweed, mud, and rocks. The sun was obscured by blobby clouds and it was windy. I was glad for my wool socks, scarf, sweatshirt, and puffy nylon vest.

It started to rain, so I headed back to the car. Suddenly I was in a sleety squall, pelted by icy shards and doused with cold drops.

Now I'm warming up in a coffee shop. The sun is out again. Couples in pretty weekend clothes are bustling by with big bags, trying to get to every store in this shopping mecca of coastal Maine.

Sunday's sunny adventure.

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