Monday, April 29, 2013


Went to my aunt's 85th birthday party in Connecticut.

Best parts: hearing her stories, playing with kids and balloons, A's joy in her glittery new sandals, passing out bags of flower seeds from my garden, hot coffee and homemade cookies, and the sun. Sitting in the sun in Aunt Lois' driveway drinking coffee, surrounded by family and  flowers: forsythia, trillium, and dandelions. Kids running, laughing, and jumping into the hammock. Old photo albums and maps. Hugs and open hearts. Reiki attunements among garnet-studded boulders. Auntie HM and cousin S with new sandals: silky mauve flowers for HM, zippy spiky glitter for S. Spring sunshine. Cousins from NYC, Sacramento, Boston, and Memphis. Peaceful walk in dinosaur park and the beauty of the Connecticut River. Big soft feather bed at the Sheraton.

That was a good vacation.