Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Children are our hope and future.

I say this despite the lingering (2 weeks!) cold I caught from kids.Yeah, 2 days after taking students to a day care I came down with a cold. As did 3/4 of the students. Enough already, my intention is health. Go away, rhinovirus.

I say this because our nation is in mourning again. Boston, you know.

During dark days we look to children for laughter, inspiration, joy, and hope.

Today I played with a 3-year-old boy. Initially shy, my supply of office toys won him over. He especially liked the Spider Man disc shooter. The spiky ball with multi-colored flashing interior lights was also a hit. "Do it again!" he kept saying. So we did.

Do it again. Do love, laughter, and play again. And again. Hope for the future.

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