Thursday, April 18, 2013

So last week

 I was doing my usual Reiki class with my usual Reiki talk and PowerPoint. I talked about history, ethics, principles, and practice.

We did a relaxation exercise, and then I showed them the self-Reiki hand positions. "Them?" you ask. Oh, right. Oncology nurses. They were the them.

Only, something weird happened. Instead of quietly going thru the hand positions, I felt compelled to narrate. I didn't think about it, it just came out of my mouth: this running commentary.

It went like this. Eyes: "Your eyes need Reiki. All that computer time."
Ears. "Block out all that noise and listen to yourself."
Jaw. "Relax. Stop talking and listen."
Throat. "Speak your truth. Be kind."
Heart. "Open your heart."
Belly. "Feel your feelings.'

yeah, like that.


  1. Right on! You need to be personally ready first to deliver this Reiki, good thoughts to be always prepared :)