Monday, April 22, 2013

messages from the Universe

After feeling discouraged about my research for months, received 3 strong messages from the Universe today: continue the research! Ok, I get it, thanks!

One message came from a co-worker. We'd been trying to connect for weeks. She works at Yale (Yale!), publishes, and does research. I wanted to discuss research and publishing. Today she stopped by my office and we had a nice long chat about both. Very helpful.

Second message came from a hospital administrator. He told me that he's aware of me and my research. He supports integrative medicine. Research and publishing is the way to disseminate the information, he told me.

Third: an email from a respected Reiki researcher. My students frequently cite her work. We have mutual friends... we exchanged several emails. I requested her assistance and she agreed to help me!

You know what this means? Means I really have to finish up my research quarterly report, due April 1. Means I have to stop writing in my blog and get to work.

Sum it up? Hope, faith, communication, and hard work will help me achieve my goals of universal love and connection. 

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