Saturday, May 26, 2012

maple helicopters

Fluff & I swam in the river today. The stony beach was hot, the water icy cold. Maple seed helicopters swirled in the air and water. 

The stones were eggs of granite: pink, white, and grey. Milky quartz. Something green. 

It was so hot, I brought Fluff into the water even though she is morally opposed to being wet. The frigid water cooled her. She snoozed in the shade of my chair as I read Rolling Stone. 

A woman came to train her dogs. She brought a short-haired pointer named "Grace." I know, because she shouted "Grace" frequently. She also brought a young puppy. Both dogs were tightly monitored and constantly reprimanded. The woman wore long pants and shirt, and had a peculiar backpack. Evidently it stored the tools of her training, as she kept reaching into it. She let the pup of his/her leash and it came over to see Fluff. The woman instantly retrieved and scolded the pup. 

Other than that, Fluff & I were alone at the river. Just us, the stones, and the icy water.