Friday, May 25, 2012

gave 2

books away this week.

Met this woman, she was having a hard day, and, well, she needed some books to read. We met in a restaurant.

Friend of a friend, she showed us her workplace. We skipped up three flights of stairs. At the bottom was a faded painted sign. The stairs were wide, wood, polished and clean. The ceilings were high, the space pulled me up. We got to the top and removed our shoes. The floors were old, stripped and sealed anew. We saw the yoga space, the dark massage room with loft, and then the common room. Yeah, the common room? The wooden floor, red oriental rug, big couch, plants, ... but the windows. The ceiling was 15 or 20 feet high, and the windows tabletop to ceiling with wide arches at the top, surrounded by layers and rings of woodwork. Sun poured in. Views of rooftops, trees, buildings, and parking garages. Trees and the river? Not sure.

The practitioners are dedicated to joy. Life Ideals.  Check it out.