Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the earring went down the drain. part 2

I got to thinking about that earring in the drain.

A piece of gum on a long stick. no. How about if I hot-glue a magnet to a dowel and stick the dowel down the hole and catch that earring? I tried a magnet to the matching earring. Didn't stick; not magnetic; no go.

I went to work another day. Maybe a big chain. If I drop a big chain down the drain, it will fall down and knock the earring with it and I will catch it in the basin. I don't have a big chain. I could buy one. Maybe I could see it with a flashlight and I could fish it out with a fish hook. I don't have a fish hook. Or a paper clip.

I went home and looked with a flashlight; I couldn't see it.

I stuffed a rope down the drain, I poked it with a flexible piece of plastic. Nothing. There must be a tool. I can't be the only one in the world to drop something down a drain. My neighbor is a plumber. I grabbed an umbrella and set out.

I looked thru the window. The plumber was watching TV with his wife. I knocked. No answer. I looked again, 2 TVs, and the plumber was wearing headphones to hear his show. I knocked on the window and he came to the door.

He tried a wire, no good, but snagged the earring with a plumber's snake. "Was there supposed to be something in it?" he asked, holding out the silver circle. The amethyst was gone.

"That's ok," I said. "I can get another stone. I can get it fixed. Thank you!"

I should get something to cover that bare hole. Some kind of stopper. I should buy him a cake, or bring him some spinach from my garden; he wouldn't take any money. "Neighborly thing to do," he muttered as he wound up his snake.

That's it. That's the story. No stoned caterpillars or Mad Hatters. I used a wrench, I opened a trap, and I talked to my neighbor. That's the adventure of the earring in the drain.