Saturday, May 7, 2011

Went to a funeral today.

She was my age.

She taught me the power of kindness and cheer. She was always friendly, always smiling.

It was hot and sunny when I walked into the service. Thunder rolled during, and then rain pounded. I had to run out to close my car windows.

Went to the fellowship afterwards and sat at a table with friends of 30 years. B, we were cooks together. M, we met in childbirth classes 24 years ago. L, went to high school together. I buy her Happy Eggs from Happy Chickens every week at N's store. Other L, met her when she was in college. D, my psychic. N, dear friend. Love them all.

Afterwards we walked along the river: 4 women and 3 dogs. Ellie, a sweet Bernese Mountain dog; Gabe, a 67 pound grey levitating poodle, and Fluff:, 25 pound Sheltie.

Thunder turned to sunshine. Grass was unbelievably green. Gabe loped into the river and turned, disbelieving, that we weren't joining him. N inspected every leaf, every stone. I took pictures of the light, the dogs, and the friends.

When you go to a funeral, you want to hug your friends. Admit you love them. Hold them close.

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