Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunny Sunday

It was a sunny day. Happy Beltane! Perfect 60 degree temps, new grass and flowers. 

I drove to Portland, for a holistic mystic fair. Months ago I'd agreed to meet someone there. 

While there I had my aura photographed and a tarot card reading. 

My aura was red, "Your spirits are here!" The tarot reader was plain and beautiful. No flash, no bells and whistles, not even a sign with her name. Just a tablecloth and a deck of cards. She had clear skin and shiny hair. She asked, "Are you a healer?" And said, "You know a lot. You should write a book." She said lots of things.

I drove north. Stopped for lunch in Poland. Had a grilled portobella sandwich and sweet potato fries with lots of ketchup. Passed on the pie.

You can rent a bass boat.

Kept going north, to the home of my editor. This house is nearby.
She lives in a great neighborhood. Love this house. Love the view of the White Mountains. People up here act half their age. They sprout notable ideas, careers, and fortunes.

My editor advised. Have a lot of work to do on my next book. Better get to it.

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