Wednesday, May 25, 2011

amazing sons

So I'm back home in Maine, but want to write about graduation.

My son graduated from the Rochester (NY) Institute of Technology (RIT) last weekend: a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. I went to the graduation ceremony. It was held in a sports arena, an enormous structure, like a football stadium I guess. It could certainly accommodate thousands of people.

RIT is a big school, and there were 6 graduations that day. I went to the graduation for the school of engineering. There were PhDs, Masters, and Bachelors receiving degrees. There were many welcoming and hopeful speeches.

My son's significant other (J) and I went down front to wave to my son, take pictures, and text him. J is also a graduate of RIT and is halfway through a PhD program. She's a delight: smart, beautiful, fun, polite, and focused on success.

So my son. He's amazing. He went from a tiny town in Maine to this big school, this tough 5 year engineering program.... and he thrived. He participated in sports, earned honors including a 4.0 average his first and last semesters, worked, and created a relationship with a wonderful woman. Isn't that amazing? And he graduated. He did it!

I'm so proud. Of course I'm proud of both of my sons, and I'd love to brag about the younger one, M, who is also fabulous and accomplished, but this post is about E. Congratulations, E. You are amazing and wonderful. Best wishes on the next phase of your journey.

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