Thursday, May 19, 2011

500 miles

Drove 520 miles today. Used my new EZ Pass, see post.

It was cold and overcast in Maine. I brought my winter jacket. Started driving and it started to rain. At times it rained so hard I could barely see the lights from the car in front of me. It was like driving in a carwash.

And the construction. Wow. I guess this is the time to rebuild roads. But hey, I'm paying a lot of money to drive on this road and when you cram me into 2 lanes between cement barriers and expect me to go 60 miles per hour it's a little scary. Sometimes it rained so hard I thought the windshield might break. The scariest part was the double trucks. I don't know what they're called, but they are double. One cab and two enormous backs hitched together. The back part sways into the other lanes. Scary.

Then the sun came out. It was hot and I had to turn on the AC. I saw blue sky and the sun - - amazing after what feels like 6 months of winter and one month of rain.

I saw a dead deer beside the road. I saw a crow feasting on a dead turkey. I saw a hawk soaring overhead. Saw lots of rolling green hills and old silos, old barns.

Listened to the radio. Pres Obama gave a speech, preceded by Hilary Clinton. They talked about Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, and Palestine. Someone else talked about JeanPants. The best parts were Bob Dylan songs: music of my life. 

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