Saturday, May 16, 2015

neighbor drama trauma

Last night the ones out back had a backyard bonfire and huge fight. Windows open to chill spring air I could hear them yelling, swearing, and accusing each other of infidelity. Their house is for sale. They've been cleaning up and clearing out.

The neighbors across the street in front are ill and elderly. Their children stop by several times a day to care for them: yard work, groceries, etc. The couple takes turns in the hospital; he's there now.

The lady to the side has a new van. She works nights and walks with a cane.

They tore down a house, down the street. I never noticed the work, but noticed it's gone now, just grass.


  1. Hey, invite me over the next time you got Jerry Springer on in the backyard. I love that stuff. Of course, I can leave when it gets tiresome...

  2. Will do. You can facilitate the discussion.
    Or pull them apart.