Sunday, May 31, 2015

healing circle

We meet quarterly, a circle of healers, we heal each other.

I drove nearly an hour, through forests, past farms and ponds. I brought ocean rocks for my friends, and a bowl of salad to share: greens from my garden mixed with rice and lentils, seasoned with garlic and lemon juice, topped with seared asparagus and cherry tomatoes.

We took turns on the table. I saw us as circles of colored light. I couldn't feel my hands but I could feel our energy. We smudged with sage, sprayed a moldavite mist, made crystalline grids around the person on the table, played drums and rattles, and did hands-on energy healing.

During my time on the table I saw myself as Fort Popham. I was a circle of living breathing stone. I was dandelion fluff blowing against the walls, the stone foundation, and the soft ocean waves. They said they saw and heard a cyclone of wind blowing through my chakras, one at a time.

I felt the power of the other healers. I felt stardust, fairy sprinkles, floaty cosmic and grounding earth energy.

Then we had lunch. Cold salads, because it's been so hot the past few days, but today is cold and rainy. 53 degrees F. I drove back home and am curled up in my warm wool shawl.