Sunday, May 17, 2015

Blossoms, birds, and bees.

Where did it all come from ?

Just a few weeks ago my backyard was a frozen Arctic wasteland. Spring happened, life exploded, and it's all color, noise, and biodiversity. There's a huge hot pink bouquet of blossom, commonly called crab-apple tree, and it's so full of buzzing bumblebees that I feel the buzzing and bumbling in my bones when I stand beneath the branches, which are loaded with bees and blossoms.

The lilac is blooming too, keeping a hummingbird busy sipping nectar and hosting a home-building cardinal couple.

The crab-apple, lilac, and cherry blossoms scent the backyard stronger than your mall soap shop.

Also fragrantly blooming are lilies of the valley, narcissus, and creeping phlox. Less perfumey are violets, bleeding hearts, and dandelion.

Meanwhile it's a cacophony, a jungle of sound, as birds ghetto-blast their songs: cardinals, robins, chickadees, sparrows, and nuthatches. I filled the birdbath and crab-apple petals drifted down onto the surface of the water, so they get a flower petal bath.

Monkeys. It's gone from Arctic to jungle. Just missing the monkeys.


  1. Nerd!
    I'm sorry. Thought it was yesterday's post.
    Your backyard is beautiful, and no, that's not a come on. Although, it would make a fine one. You know what? Let's just call it a come on.

    1. Freak!
      Didn't Mae West invite gentlemen callers to "come over and see my blossoms sometime" ?

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