Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Max is dying.

He's shockingly thin, and tumors bulge. He's too weak to stand. He seems comfortable though, and his eyes are still clear. He drank some water.

I shared Reiki with him today.

Max, the first time I met him, bit me precisely, neatly, and quickly on my labia. Twice. I was startled, of course, and afraid of him for months. But we made peace and I loved him.

After the bites I brought him biscuits, and offered them fearfully into his jaws, his sharp white teeth. He liked to sit on my lap, as much of himself as he could get there, which was about a quarter. One haunch. He liked to be scratched in all the usual places.

Today I gently stroked his ears and belly, shared Reiki. Loved him. Said goodbye.

He's got two paws on the Rainbow Bridge.