Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas morning meditation

I'm up early, the sun just rising now- spreading a pink-orange light through lavender-grey clouds. It's cold out. Frosty.

Been thinking about how much I love to be in a meditative state. I don't usually sit cross-legged on a pillow, eyes closed. Instead I get there during Reiki and yoga. Realized that's one of my favorite things about Reiki and yoga.

Reiki: I go deep, losing sense of my body, time & space. I open my eyes periodically to check on the client: safe, warm, & comfortable? Yeah. Close my eyes and go back to nowhere, nothingness. I love it there.

Yoga is similar. I close my eyes, breathe, and move. Part of my mind listens to the teacher's instructions, and follows the familiar instructions, moving into the familiar asanas. Move, breathe, stretch, breathe, adjust: repeat. My mind is quiet. I focus on muscles and breath; mind is blissfully quiet.

I don't care if the asanas are perfect. I do the best I can, striving for alignment, grace, and stretch. I don't need to be perfect, I just want my mind gone ~ for the moment.

When my mind is quiet my spirit comes alive. I feel peace, connection, and love. Sometimes here are visions of cosmology, loved ones, or symbols.

Meditation. Been there? Nice place to be.