Tuesday, December 25, 2012

8 car accidents

Saw 8 car accidents today, Christmas Day. 7 were on turnpike, 1 on highway. Saw lots of tow trucks, no ambulances.

Looked like people slid off the road. It was snowing hard, temp right around 30 degrees.

I drove south to pick up my son, brought him to my house for several hours, then took him north. It was wonderful to have him here, pure joy, actually. We ate some food and exchanged gifts. We ate current/fennel crusty bread with vegie cream cheese and Eskimo-produced wild caught and smoked salmon. Also peppadews, pickles, and olives. And eggplant hummus. I made tea. He brought cookies; he made the cookies! Gingerbread, no-bakes, and linzer-torte cookies. A man drove by the house on a snowmobile as we celebrated the holiday. A snowmobile, right on the street. The snow was coming down pretty good right then.

Drive carefully, people, so we can have lovely times with family. Thank you.