Tuesday, November 13, 2012


is my favorite holiday.... all family, friends, and food.

My mom's cinnamon rolls, Uncle Roland loved her rolls. Our tiny turkey table decorations: Tom, Hen, and several smaller ones, chicks. Dad opening the oven door to baste the turkey and the delicious smell rolling out. Even after all these years of being a vegetarian, roasting turkey is one pleasant smell. It's home and Dad.

I remember my little cousins arriving after a long drive- all dressed up as Pilgrims. I guess we were the wild Indians. Native Americans.

We always had guests, too. Not just family. Random unconnected lost guests.

One year our guests brought eggplant parmesan. Every year after that Mother served it, and it was my substitute for turkey, my fab vegie indulgence. Oily, cheesy, smoky eggplant parmesan.

No cards, no gifts: just food. Food, family, and friends. Cold walks, sometimes snow. Pie.

The past few years I've gone to dinner with my dear friends Betsy and Dave. Their house is full of love, family, pets, and incredible homegrown homemade food. They are so gracious to allow me in, a random guest. I'm thankful for friends these days.