Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reiki class

Taught a Reiki class tonight. There were several powerful people there and one chatterbox. I tried to send fair and equal energy to all, but of course the chatterbox dominated my attention.  She had lots of questions and wasn't sure she agreed with the idea of Reiki. She reminded me of my commitment to patience, acceptance, and tolerance. She listened to the history and ethics of Reiki, but declined to participate in self-Reiki, declined to be attuned, and unfortunately had to leave early.

The remaining students wanted to learn hand positions on others. They wanted to be attuned to Level 1. They burned with heat, energy, love, intention, and purpose. We shared group Reiki with a willing volunteer. We did attunements. There are new Level One Reiki practitioners in our world tonight. There is more Reiki light. There is more love.