Friday, November 16, 2012


thinking about wholeness, Reiki ethics, and autonomy.

How do you decide when your student is ready to progress to the next level? How does the student decide? What is the meaning of an attunement?

When a student is completely absorbed in self and craves attention, probably not the time to attune to the next level, right? But what if he/she demands it? Says, "You promised!" Cries, gets angry, threatens.

Why does this student want the attunement so badly? Is it a trophy? A badge of honor?

I keep getting that it's like Dorothy and Glinda... "You've always had the power."

I don't know why some students feel an attunement is so important when it seems to me that daily self-Reiki, adherence to the ethics, and sharing with others is way more important. hmm.

Is an attunement a celebration of what is or an opening to what will be?