Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ice Mountain

Wake up, it's snowing. 10 degrees F. The wind is blowing, the sky is white.

There's an ice mountain in the backyard where I dump the snow from the driveway. I use a scoop, not a shovel: load it up and push it over the deck to the backyard. There's a steep slope below the deck, down to the summerhouse. Well there's so much snow, that whole space is full. In fact I have to go uphill before I can dump the load. The snow slides down right into the summerhouse now. I can almost walk onto the summerhouse roof from my ice mountain. Pretty good view of the neighborhood up there.

I like to scoop, it's peaceful and a good workout. My arms, shoulders, and thighs ache from pushing the snow. Yesterday it was wet and heavy.

Snow predicted for just about every day this week.

Just checking... yes, still winter in Maine.