Saturday, February 19, 2011

hey neighbor, can I borrow a cup of oil?

My home heating oil tank is nearly empty. It's on the "M" in EMTY. That's right, that's what it says: EMTY, no P.

Last week the tank was down to 1/8; I'd been watching it every day for 2 weeks. I had the check ready and in the envelope. On Wednesday, when it went below 1/8 I sent the check to the oil company. They usually come right away.

Friday they called to ask where I wanted the oil delivered. "To the address on the check?" the nice lady asked.

I expected the oil yesterday, Friday. Or today. They didn't come. Meanwhile it's been temps in the teens and a whirling wind, wind chills in the single digits, or lower. Right now it's 17F, feels like 3. Every time I hear the boiler switch on I run down cellar to look at the indicator on the tank. Still on M.

Tomorrow is Sunday and they don't deliver unless you pay extra. I turn the heat down. I'll wait to shower and do dishes. I turn on the oven and a space heater. I wish I had an electric blanket.

Monday. They'll come on Monday, for sure. Right? If not, hey neighbor...

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