Saturday, February 5, 2011

0 degrees

2 feet of fresh snow, more on it's way tonight and Monday, zero degrees. Yes, it's still winter in Maine. Hey, at least it's sunny! My plan for the morning: put on my snowshoes, get the roof rake, and rake snow off the roofs. I've got the house, the garage, and the summerhouse. Here in Maine we have to get the snow off the roof before the weight of it collapses the structure.

You'd be surprised how much snow weighs. Light, white, fluffy stuff - right? According to Ken Hellevan of the U North Dakota a cubic foot of snow can weigh 7- 20 pounds per cubic foot.
Another source  says snow can weigh 30 pounds per cubic foot. That's right between coffee (27 #/cf) and flour (37 #/cf).

So I'm headed out into the Arctic cold with the roof rake. Electrocution alert: don't touch power lines with the metal rake.

Yes, still winter in Maine.