Friday, February 25, 2011


How do you shield yourself from negative energy? I'm talking about thoughts, feelings, and statements from people around you. I mean anger, racism, and violence.

When my heart chakra is wide open, those types of energy are shockingly unwelcome. So I shield myself. I set up a boundary. Usually I use a pink bubble. I visualize the bubble around me, filled with love and light. The outer surface is iridescent, and reflects negative energy back to the person who emits it, or sends it into the multiverse to be transmuted back to love energy.

Sometimes, when the negative energy is more forceful, I visualize a brick wall.

I also ask my angels and guides to protect me.

At my earliest convenience I dismantle the wall or pop the bubble. I reach around my body and pull out any stray bits of energy that don't belong to me; I release the energy back to the multiverse. I open my chakras and shift my focus from protection to forgiveness.

Being in nature is a great way to refocus. Wind, bare feet, water, and sunshine are all wonderful energy rechargers. ~ light & love

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