Tuesday, February 14, 2017

so much snow

Our side streets are one lane, we have narrow paths from our cars to our front doors. Out early or started late two days last week. No school yesterday, no school tomorrow. Thursday iffy.

Those of us who move snow are exhausted. I shovel my steps, scoop my deck and driveway; put on snowshoes and go around the house and garage to rake the roofs. My arms, shoulders, and hips ache.

The snow piles around my house are 12 feet high. I scale them in my snowshoes and I'm level with the roof of my house. It's supposed to snow the next two days: we're expecting another foot.

It's pretty. I like the white stuff. I love to be out in a storm and I love to ski and snowshoe. I like wintry isolation. I like cold outside and warm house; I like to sip tea and watch snowflakes swirl.

I have help: I pay my neighbor to plow the end of the driveway. When the snow piles got too big he had to stop plowing and change to a snowblower. But the snow was so light and fluffy and the piles already so high that much of it simply slid back down into the driveway. My driveway is half full of snow and no place to put it. It's pretty, but there's so much of it right now.

A stretch of warm sunny days will be welcome.