Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Outrage fatigue

                                 Every day bad news from Washington. Every day more erosion of democracy, gangrene in our Capitol. More hate, more division, more income inequality. The rich play, the rest of us are slaves.

I want to fight for what's right: love, tolerance, diversity, education, health, green Earth, and compassion. I would march every weekend if that would help. I'll volunteer, donate, I'll support altruistic candidates.

But feeling a bit of outrage fatigue tonight. Eleven hours in the hospital with smart eager students, with too many brave kind people dying of cancer, with excellent fabulous wonderful nurses. A little fear too. With so much hate and ignorance, so many guns, will they start shooting us?

And Reiki. Our ethical foundation is to recognize and release fear and anger. Transcend these fearful angry times, while remaining in the world, lightly.