Tuesday, February 14, 2017

snow days

I'm so glad we cancel school when the travelling is risky. I'm lucky to have a dependable car with 4-wheel drive and good tires; so many of our students don't. My commute is 7 minutes; many students drive an hour to come to school. I'm not a single parent of small kids and don't have to worry about childcare if their school is closed. So many of our students do have those concerns. I recognize that hospital nurses must show up for work, regardless of the weather; our students pay to come to school. Nursing school eases students into the responsibilities of the profession. We like our students and want to keep them alive, healthy, and in class. We're lucky to have College leaders who are sensible and responsive to our students' health and happiness. I'll be working from home tomorrow, students will be studying for mid-terms and writing clinical papers: warm and safe; still committed to education, science, and community. Nursing programs used to expel students for being married, going to a beauty parlor, and drinking alcohol. Nurses have a terrible tradition of "eating their young." We're trying to change that harmful practice. I'm so glad that nursing education has evolved and continues to respond to the needs of our students. We exist because of our students. Our students tell me that they feel respected and supported. Our College is a wonderful place to work and study. Thank you for reading this.