Tuesday, November 1, 2016


I'm weller today than I was yesterday.

Yesterday I went to work feeling a little unwell: sore throat. Blew my nose and the mucus was orange. Eeuw. Stay home? Not sure of the protocol for calling out sick, and didn't want the students to have to make up a day so I took a couple of ibuprofen and headed out. Got to work at 5:15 am.

Worked. Felt worse as the day progressed. Didn't feel too bad if I kept moving, but if I sat down then I closed my eyes and held my head and felt not-so-OK-ish. I was chilly, chilled. cold. Couldn't get warm. Went to the fair in the lobby and bought a jacket. Still cold. Shivering, covered with goosebumps cold. Couldn't think clearly.

I left work a little early, students looked worried, told me to drive carefully. They stayed to finish their paperwork.

Home I cranked up the heat to 70. I usually leave it at 60. Took a hot shower. Turned up my electric blanket all the way. Still cold, shivering, it hurt to be that cold. Sharp stabbing shooting pains in my joints and feet. I was hungry, but couldn't work up the motivation to eat. Fever. Went to bed. Still cold. Slept, woke because I bit my tongue, twice. omg- did I have a fever-induced seizure? I worry too much. Slept almost 14 hours.

Woke up and was fine. I was amazed. Fine! No sore throat, no fever, no chills. Did I cook that virus out of me? I went to work.

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