Thursday, November 10, 2016

therapeutic presence

How to witness, support, facilitate, and validate.
And not advise, translate, interpret, and say how great you are.

Reiki is easy. Well, the sharing part. The walking the principled path part is harder. Sharing is easy. I place my hands and open my heart to love. I go to my happy Reiki place, and marvel at the spiritual connection with universal life force energy.

Sharing Reiki is easy. Being a therapeutic presence is difficult.
How to be therapeutic?
Shhhhhh..... just listen.
Ask open-ended questions. "Tell me more."
Ask, "What does that mean to you?"

Ask, don't tell.
Don't tell someone how to feel, don't offer advice or interpret another person's experience. That's your ego. Your journey, your stuff, your baggage. Set all of that aside and be present for another person.

Be a therapeutic presence. Listen, love, support.