Thursday, November 17, 2016


My students keep asking me for meditation.


Yesterday I sent them to beds and stretchers. They doubled up, cuddled up to the manikins, or simply laid their heads on a table. I turned out the lights. We stretched and breathed. They closed their eyes and slowed down.

I talked to them slowly. Told them this:
Rest, breathe, relax.
Imagine there is an egg of light around you.
What color is your egg of light?

Imagine that you're tiny inside your egg, floating around.
Rest, breathe, relax.
Imagine that your egg is enormous.
Imagine that you are a drop of water, floating in your egg of light.

Be a drop of water. Be rain. Rain into the ocean.
Be a wave.
Rest, breathe, relax.

The sun shines on you and you evaporate.
Now you're air.
Be a breeze. The wind.
Blow over the land.
Blow into a forest fire.

Be fire.
Burn away what you no longer need.
Burn til you reach a marsh.
Become earth.
Rest, breathe, relax.

Be earth.
Provide fruits and vegetables.
Be you.

Wake up.