Monday, May 30, 2016

the vegetarian

Was travelling and got hungry. Was unprepared, no healthy snacks. Stopped at a fast food place and ordered egg & cheese on an English muffin, secretly horrified at all the non-GMO and caged chickens.

I paid and she handed me a bag, Egg McMuffin! she said cheerfully. No meat, right? I mean I ordered egg & cheese. Oh, she said. We looked. A circle of pink moist tissue. Meat. Ick. So sorry, could you make me another one? Thanks.

She whisked it away. There was a long line of cars behind me. She brought back a new one right away really fast. Too fast. Here you go! Um, did  you just take off the meat and bring it back? Yes. I did. Why yes, she did. OMG. I freaked out a little. So grossed out, I'M A VEGETARIAN and so grossed out right now.. could you please make me a new one? Oh yes, no problem. I watched her toss out the original and soon brought a new one.

I hate to complain. What was the cook thinking and doing? Crap. Not so hungry any more.
I took a bite. It was crunchy. Ground glass? McYuck. Tossed it.