Monday, May 30, 2016

life hacks

... ways to make my life easier, maybe yours too

French press. I love coffee. Can't tolerate caffeine anymore, but still love the smell and experience of hot coffee. So it's decaf for me. Lots of local roasters, so I buy decaf beans. I love the dark oily fragrant beans. To open a new bag... ahhhhh. Smell it? .... grind them and then, the best way to make coffee? A French press. Easy, deep rich & tasty flavor. The usual French press is small, makes one small cup of coffee. I used small ones for years. I had to refill it with hot water to make a large mug of coffee, refill it again for a second cup. Why? There are LARGE French presses. I finally bought one, wow, so much easier. Plenty of good coffee.

Free your houseplants. It's spring. I'm going on a trip. Get someone to water my houseplants? Nope, Set them outside.  I put them on the shady end of the deck for partial sun. Rain, easy, done.

Grocery shopping is fun. Ok, grocery shopping is tedious. How to make it fun? I like to explore on weekends. There are tons of gorgeous places to explore within 2 hours of my house. When I'm out and about, adventuring and exploring, I shop at a the local grocery. New, different, fun.

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