Saturday, May 7, 2016

bald eagle

"Go, lady," I thought, impatiently. She sat in front of me. Here one may go right on a red light, and she wasn't going. Come on! Finally! I followed her up the ramp and onto the turnpike. Something white, like a plastic bag, fluttered in my vision. Between my car and hers. I slowed as the lady ahead of me sped away.

An eagle. The white was the eagle's tail. There was it's white head too, and big black wings. Flapping, hovering, right in front of me. A crow was attacking as the eagle tried to fetch something on the road, behind a cement barrier. Food? Baby crow? It tried twice as I watched and the crow attacked, but I was on the turnpike and had to drive on.

If the woman had gone when I wanted her to I would have missed the whole show. I think there's a lesson in there.

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