Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lend a hand to those who need it

"Get a job," the woman shouted to the homeless person. "Get to work! My taxes are paying for you."

Really? Please explain to me how my taxes help a homeless person. I'd be glad if they did.

I understand that some people who are homeless have problems that make it difficult to get and keep a job. I understand that some are lost, and may be able to change, but need a hand for a while. I understand that most of my taxes go to support health care and the military, not helping homeless people to make healthy changes. I understand that most health care dollars are spent on extremely expensive care that supports a relatively small proportion of people at the very end of life.

I'm willing to use my tax dollars to help people who need help. I'd ask the very wealthy to do the same. Perhaps we could share the wealth. Perhaps we could cut back on some of the very expensive machinery used in war and health care. I'd like my tax dollars to support people, a healthy Earth, and education.