Thursday, March 10, 2016

men at the bar

After the car appointment, and before the board meeting, I went for some Thai food. The hostess seated me near the bathrooms, near two men sitting at the bar. I read my Buddhist magazine, but soon started to eavesdrop.

One man told the other the details of his day: important business deals he was considering, difficulties with his job, and how he'd just come from the courthouse. He talked about his family and personal challenges. He talked about his brother's medical, behavioral, and psychological problems; and medications the brother had taken. The man told how he'd just come from the courthouse, how he had to take out a restraining order on his brother.

I tried to focus on the magazine article, but the man spoke in a loud voice and the stories were compelling. I couldn't see the two men, but I had the impression that they'd just met. I noticed the other man didn't speak at all. Perhaps he was nodding.

Suddenly the speaking man lurched out of the restaurant. 

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