Saturday, January 16, 2016

just for today

don't get angry.

Our first Reiki principle. So important, right? So if I've been Reiki for many years, am a nurse and a mature woman, I've probably got that down. Never get angry, right? I don't often feel angry. I did this week.

After years of authoritarian leadership of the passive-aggressive narcissistic nepotistic vindictive type, those people moved on and those of us who stayed agreed to be kind, respectful, and most importantly: collaborative. This week a new leader made an authoritarian move, issued a command, and triggered a collective shudder PTSD. She issued a unilateral edict which usurped a collaborative decision. Smack.

I got angry.

Unlike in previous years, where I coped by shutting up and shutting down, I spoke up. It was scary. I shook with fear, but I did it. I spoke with her, first firmly stating my position, and then more gently, with love and compassion.  It went well. We hugged. I expressed gratitude for her reaction. I requested a meeting of all so we could discuss whether to accept her proposed changes to our original decision.

We had the group meeting. My peers stood with me. There was discussion and collaboration. The edict was retracted, but that wasn't the important part. The important part was the discussion, the respectful listening, and the compassionate hugging.

A shift. A good one. 

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