Friday, May 9, 2014


A student gave me a radon kit.

I precepted her through a community health course where she presented the ramifications of radon via lecture, bulletin boards, posters, and newspapers. I went to one of her lectures, and brought 8 nursing students. She was knowledgeable, relaxed, and personable. She brought homemade chocolates and cupcakes; she's a gourmet cook with high standards. The goodies were good.

I never really wanted to know my radon risk because really, what can one do about the bedrock beneath one's home? Oh, one can do something. Fans. Exhaust fans.

Ok, with that cheap fix, perhaps I do want to know. Planned to buy a kit. She beat me to it, and gave me one. I opened it, looked like complicated instructions and I was busy becoming a grandmother. I set it aside.

Got it out again. Instructions look simple. Set it out for 48 hours, mail it in. That's it.

Why? Radon gas kills more people than car accidents do. Radon causes lung cancer. It's easy to divert the gas. That's why.

I start my home test tomorrow.