Tuesday, May 6, 2014

on being a grandma

It's the best.

Total love without the physical pain and emotional earthquake. Appreciation for the man who is my son and the woman, the dear woman who bore and is caring for this child. My son is gentle, thoughtful, and caring. My DIL enraptured by her new son, but also respectful and grateful to her partner. I can see them working to be kind to each other in this time of upheaval, this transition to parenting.

Both are completely focused on the needs, safety, and health of their new baby.

And yet, they seem to need me a little. For companionship, calm, witnessing, and validation. To say, "oh yeah, that's normal," and, "good job!" I fill and empty the dishwasher. I knit blankets, rub backs, and drive. I cheer for them. They need me a little, or maybe it's more kindness.

So it's bliss. Earthly bliss.