Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reiki share

Just got home from the most wonderful Reiki share. What made it so great? The hearts, gratitude, and beauty.

I've been working at this cancer center for 3 1/2 years. The center kept growing, and this week they moved to a new space. They opened today, and this evening we had a Reiki share.

The new space? It's the top floor of an old factory. The original wooden beams in the high ceilings were covered with tar. Workmen blasted them with walnut hulls and today they gleamed smooth gold. Stone and walnut floors. The walls curve in shades of green.

The windows are enormous and the views, oh the views. We can see all over our city and our sister city. The copper onion domes of the Kora Temple shrine, the sand drip spires of the basilica, the hospital, the river, hotels, office buildings, and the trees beyond.

The Reiki practitioners at the share were beautiful people. We ranged in age from 20 to 70, multicultural, multinational, and multicontinental. Hearts were open wide, energy flowed, and laughter burbled.

I kept thinking, "Look at these wonderful people in this beautiful space. How did I get here? I am so lucky and so grateful." I kept checking in with my guides and ancestors. I tried to ground myself- but the space is so airy, so expansive, I kept floating away.

There were 13 of us. We introduced ourselves and talked about Reiki. We toured the new space, admiring the architecture and views. We discussed the techniques for sending distance Reiki. M offered a blessing. We meditated and did self-Reiki. We went around the circle and said the names of people to whom we wished to send distance Reiki.

We broke into 3 groups and went to the brand new Integrative Medicine rooms and shared Reiki. After feeling chilled I suddenly burned with heat. My hands throbbed with the energy.

We met again and said goodbye. N brought vegies from his garden and we all took some. Where are mine? They didn't make it home with me. Somewhere there are small bags of cherry tomatoes, a hot pepper, and some tart concord grapes.

I feel so lucky. How did I get here?
oh yeah, I remember.....