Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summerfest Windham Maine

Wow, what a hot and windy day. It was 91 degrees, and breezes so gusty they picked up and tipped over our tent and my wooden table.

It was great to meet Sandra and Kathy. Sandra owns Sattva Health & Wellness and Kathy is the proprietor of Raindrop Yoga Studio. They are both kind, warm, and wonderful. I totally enjoyed my day. I spun some wool, passed out bookmarks, and ate a great taco from Ron's Mexican. There were constant helicopter rides, a sweet rock band, and a few interesting people. Reiki Master Doug, email me!

The co-best part was meeting Sandra and Kathy. I so look forward to our Yoga/Ayurveda/Reiki workshop in August with Beloved Yogi Arvind Zanje. The other best part? Summer in Maine. Tomorrow is Summer Solstice.