Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Had the most thrilling laundry experience of my life today. I bought a new washer and drier, white, from Sears. Josh from New Hampshire delivered them. He and his buddy carried them across the lawn in a gait belt sort of sling. Hmmm, interesting method of transport.

Anyway. Took them all of 5 min to install, tipped them $20 and they were gone.

Easy. Except the drier. I had to schlep back to Sears for a drier vent hose and then assemble. Scrunched up tin foil hose and metal clamps. Took me the whole wash cycle to assemble & attach the vent hose. It was fun to pull it out to it's full length. Like a tumescent slinky, or something.

Washed and dried a load of laundry. Sat outside and talked on cell to sis as I watched the breezes from the drier vent waft the horsetail, Equisetacea, a living fossil.

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