Thursday, March 11, 2010

So I've made a switch. I've worn amethysts for years. I wore an amethyst ring for many years, then took off all my rings. I wore a big amulet, and gave matching ones to friends. I had amethyst bracelets- mostly gave all those away - -and amethyst earrings. Darn, gave some of those away also. I even have a business: Amethyst Health. I was all about the amethysts, the search for higher knowledge.

Now all of a sudden I have to wear carnelian, the heart stone.

I can't tell you what that's done to my schedule. It takes me longer to get dressed in the morning.

All my clothes match amethysts. All my clothes are black, purple, blue, or gray. Nothing matches carnelians! Carnelians are orange!

OK, orange and blue... but orange and black, purple, and gray? Not so good. Still, I've gotta wear this big carnelian around my neck. It's opening my heart chakra, which is a little scary.

I'm moving down from my brain and spirit into my heart. Life sure is funny. We go down paths we didn't expect.

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