Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So I had the most interesting conversation with 3 other reiki practitioners this morning: Jeanne, Charlotte, and Pierre.

We talked about the difference between spirituality and religion. We said that spirituality is broader, religion is more focused on a specific set of rules and practices. We said that all religions have the same ethical foundations: don't kill each other, love each other, and pray.

We said that reiki is like prayer. Jeanne said she tells people that distance reiki is prayer. I said that someone once described reiki to me as "Touch Prayer". Charlotte said she could see value in many religions. Pierre agreed, said he'd considered becoming a Catholic priest, but decided it would limit him, and his interest in other expressions of spirituality.

Two people said they'd had dreams where they could touch the stars. Charlotte said she dreamt about the reiki symbols as constellations in the night sky.

Then we went to a Thai Restaurant and I had the Fancy Delight.