Sunday, February 24, 2019

sharing Reiki

With one hand over my heart, and one hand over my solar plexus, I drop into a meditative state. I think about the person who requested that I send Reiki.

I send Reiki to strangers. They write to me through my fiverr site. They describe physical and emotional maladies. I meditate for them, I focus on Reiki, I am Reiki for them.

Sometimes I get intuitive messages. Sometimes I pass those on. Sometimes I offer nursing instructions. I find myself telling people to rest, drink herbal tea, apply ice or heat, or seek evaluation from a nurse practitioner. Mostly I tell people to drink herbal tea. Sometimes I suggest that they find a Reiki teacher in their area and take a class. I share Reiki. Every person feels different to me. I send several times a day for several days. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share Reiki.

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