Monday, July 2, 2018


You could DIE in a FIRE, the guy on the radio said. LINT. You should clean your drier vent TWICE A YEAR, he said. Not the regular lint tray that you probably clean all the time, no, the big tin elephant trunk that goes from the back of the drier to outside. That thing. IT WILL BE PACKED WITH LINT, the guy on the radio said. Ok, wow, I've had the drier 8 years and never cleaned it. So I pulled out the drier, looked in the elephant trunk and I'm here to tell you DON'T DO IT. It's a trick. It was perfectly clean in there. No lint. Here's the trick, it's impossible to get it all back together. Does the elephant trunk go inside or outside the fluted pie plate piece? It doesn't fit, either way. And the clamp, where does that go? Well you know what? This is the exact situation that calls for duct tape. It was invented for this very purpose. Duct tape. It is whole again and I'm safe and lint-free.

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