Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A lesson in releasing distractions

I wanted to meditate among the stones, but the path was narrow and bordered with signs saying, "Stay on path." Finally I found a relatively ordinary spot where the path turned and was wider. Ordinary doesn't really fit, as I was in Bryce Canyon, Utah, where there are a million gorgeous sights. Still, there were fabulous views all around, and I chose a spot with a rather regular view, considering the location.

I sat between the path and the sign.

I fixed my posture. I breathed. I found a focus point and softened my gaze. Breathed more. Felt myself relax, felt the stones. My hands pulsed with energy. Magnificent.

Then I heard:
"Hey! Look at her!"
"Quiet kids! That lady's having a spiritual moment. I said 'QUIET!''
"Look! She's meditating!"
"Ooh, what's she looking at?"

People gathered around me to see what I was looking at. They took pictures of my view. They took pictures of me.

It was time to move on.