Sunday, November 15, 2015


11 hours on a cold dark Maine night. Rose at dawn.

Less than two hours later I've caught up with housework. I stripped the bed and am washing the sheets. I'll hang them outside, I love that outside smell on the sheets. I'm airing the down bedding in the cold sun. I put away clean dishes, alpaca fleece, and work uniforms. I sorted and put away a pile of socks. Watered the plants. Washed, oiled, and salted and now roasting potatoes and mushrooms. Am soaking delicate blouses in the shower. I spray them with cold water, squirt peppermint soap, soak, squeeze, soak. I'll hang them outside too.

What's left? Vacuum. Go out and purchase the makings of laundry detergent: washing soda, baking soda, and borax. Purchase a long trimmer for the hydrangea bush. A big hook to hang my bicycle from a basement beam for the winter. A tire pump and gauge. Grade papers.

Then rest, relax, breathe. Be. Be Reiki.