Monday, November 9, 2015

International Reiki Retreat

Participated in an International Reiki Retreat on Orr's Island last weekend.

Reiki practitioners from our local cancer outpatient center were joined by honored guests: local Reiki masters and psychics. One Reiki master traveled from Canada.

We stayed in a 3-storey, 4 BR and 2 bathroom house on a rocky beach. I slept in a twin bed in a cozy room; my head was beside a window. From bed I could see the ocean; constellations, crescent moon, and planets; pine trees and red berry bushes.

One morning I hiked up the hill in back of the house and startled three deer. They took off in different directions. I could see and hear them as they bounded away, white tails up and wagging. Suddenly one deer was charging straight at me. It saw me, stopped, and bolted away again.

I went for a bike ride up the road and met the neighbor, walking his dog. His house was a white mansion; one end all glass. We chatted. I biked on. Rode to the town and it's harbor.

We dragged a table down to the beach and shared Reiki there. We all got table time. It was good. I saw myself as a shiny brown oak leaf, floating in the cosmos.

It was a rocky beach. Lots of milky and smoky quartz, some jasper, some citrine. I like the eggy milky quartz stones.

We did Reiju on the beach too, the new Komyo Reiki Kai method. The waves, always the sound of the waves. Quiet as the tide recedes, loud crashing when it comes in.

A psychic came and did readings for everyone. She was fabulous. One of the Reiki practitioners was a medium; she read for me and was great.

We ate good vegetarian food. Lots of gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan choices. We drummed and danced.

People brought hand-made items so we traded and purchased salves, stone jewelry, and stained glass. I gave away books. People gave me jewelry and glass.

We talked about Reiki, energy, and enlightenment. 

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