Monday, August 11, 2014


Had such an interesting Reiki session today.

There was a student at each shoulder, two new Level 2s. I was tired after a busy weekend, and happy to receive a session. Anyway, one at each shoulder. We began.

I felt like I was split in half. Heat ran down my right side from my head to my tailbone. Cold ran up my left side. I felt unbalanced and so tired. The student's hands on my right felt hot, and the hands on my left felt cold.

Suddenly it switched. I felt cold running down my right side, and heat up the left. Still unbalanced, but my system was trying to adjust.

Then I felt warm and good all over; I was done. I opened my eyes and thanked the students. I felt joyous and jolted with energy - like I'd just had a big cup of coffee. I told them what I felt, grinning and garrulous with excitement.